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Revised: January 19, 2010

Effective: March 17, 2003

In an effort to continuously improve our product, Caresco Homes, Inc. and its affiliated or related entities (collectively “Caresco”) reserve the right to modify or change plans, elevations, specifications, materials and price without prior notice. Prices will vary depending upon lot size, exterior elevations and pre-selected features.

Variations in the floor plans and elevations may exist. Square footages and lot sizes are approximate. Please contact one of our sales offices for the most current information available.

The information provided in this site is for Internet display purposes and is provided "AS IS" without warranty, express or implied. The renderings depicted in this site are an artist's conception and may vary from the actual product. Although we attempt to keep the information and graphics up-to-date, we assume no liability for inaccuracies, omissions, errors, or links to other sites.

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